Content Writing

Content speaks the language of the brand. It tells the story of its desideratum as well as strength. A powerful content contains the caliber to express a powerful product. Effective and momentous content is not just needed but the exigency to market your product effectively and enhancing brand. Tremendously written content iron out the many problems of entrepreneurs, they become capable to articulate their customers that “why should you buy from us”. It’s not an exaggeration, to say, content is the heart and soul of a product.

Why Journalistgym

  • Journalistgym brings A one-stop- shop. It’s a content writing agency, that arranges the scripted, short form, long form content; for Digital, Sales, Editorial, political and social campaigns and beyond. Rendering precise and meaningful information about the product.
  • Bring more traffic for your website as well as a blog with our modernize and state-of-the-art techniques of SEO, consequently draw much attention to your target customer.
  • Enhance the visibility of your brand as well as the market campaign.
  • Our SEO content writing serves the requirement of the long-term website and other content promotion services.
  • Journalistgym Media Pvt Ltd. offers itself like a co-thinker with founder and directors of business houses in the area of realization.
  • The company has completed the thousands of custom content projects and hundreds are in the bag.
  • For 7 years of journey, we’ve built trusted partnerships with startups, SMEs and large scale enterprises.
  • We helped them to tell business stories, move hearts, get recognized, and drive results.
  • We understand the role of salience and good graphic designs, that is everything for a start-up.
  • Journalistgym Media Pvt Ltd builds a powerful team of experts, specialized in SEO content writing services.
  • Our Services not only lift your website’s/blog rank but build your Brand Value in the market.
  • We provide dedicated unique, researched and analytical content, completely based on business dynamics as well as market experiences.
  • We assure you high-quality work with the guaranteed achievement of your business, brand promoting objectives.

Why need SEO content

  • To make your brand/business dominant your content is must to require the fulfil of some parameters of the search engine. It needs to accomplish two goals, first of them it should be appealing to customers, clients, users and readers and the second one is to solve the problems.
  • Both of the goals could meet by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of content.
  • Your business will flourish if your content comes first in the search algorithm. It’s an integral part of any digital marketing.
  • The new surveys show that half of the sales of the business houses comes from website visitors.
  • SEO is a must for blogs, article and youtube videos. Placing of brand/product in top search, it’s an inevitable exercise. Otherwise, your competitor will outclass your products.

Why the need of new techniques of SEO

  • The traditional way of SEO practices has become outdated and modern techniques adopting complex algorithms.
  • Haphazardly inserting keywords into shallow content now can serve to damage the brand and ruined the standing on search engine results pages. It could badly hit your potential customer.
  • Journalistgym’s content writers are expert on the latest best practices for SEO, incorporating cutting-edge marketing techniques tailored to boost your online presence and cater to the wants and needs of the readers.

What we offer

  • We offer Profile Creation & Brand Building Content Writing.
  • Article and blog Writing with optimum number of keyword density.
  • Researching facts and systematize it, so the article could find its best readership.
  • Essay Writing with descriptive knowledge.
  • Web Content Writing with sales and marketing pitch.
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Brochure Writing
  • Product Description
  • Content for Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Press Release
  • Dissertation/ Thesis Writing

How our team operate

Purposing to open up the valued and significant content we have build a one-of-a-kind team.

  • Our team effectively handle the media queries and proactively create the story pegs for the brand.
  • They rolled out the first draft in less than 10 hours.
  • We have deployed 900+ editorial experts and 300+ writers with the core competency of communication, which needed for your product.
  • They are trained for compatibility and adaptability around the same.
  • After comprehensive researches and studies, understanding the core needs of businesses, company has identified the key speaking points and created its excellent products.
  • We provide content for various aspects of production media like web, newspapers, youtube videos, etc.
  • Every written piece is reviewed by several phases.
  • Finally, we deliver a fine tune draft and arrange the changes as customer requirement.
  • Getting feedback before implementing the further process.
  • Our writers are easy to handle, accommodative and cooperative.
  • They are able to read the mind of customers.